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Oct 5, 2012 5:30pm PDT
the election. and your voice, your vote. abc's david muir is here with us, right now. david? >> reporter: great to see you in person, diane. not only were the jobs numbers a welcome sign for the americans lucky enough to get those jobs, they were very welcome by the president today, fighting to keep his job. and after that debate performance this week, tonight, that spring in his step is back. bounding up to the podium, the new jobs numbers were more than just a economic jolt, they were a political one. today, the president in the battleground of virginia. >> this morning, we found out that the unemployment rate has fallen to its lowest level since i took office. >> reporter: hours later, in the battleground of ohio. >> it's a reminder that this country's come too far to turn back now. >> reporter: today, after nearly four years of unemployment above 8%, what economists called a sharp drop. down to that 7.8%, a psychological benchmark, broken. and a boost for the president, just days after his disappointing debate performance against a challenger who came ready. >> but you've been president fou
Oct 30, 2012 5:30pm PDT
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Oct 2, 2012 6:30pm EDT
carrying the banners today with mixed results. 35 days to go. "your voice, your vote." david muir and jake tapper are back. inside the debate hall, david muir. jake, start us off. >> reporter: good evening, diane. the two kentds largely kept to themselves today. leaving the hard work of ca campaigning to their rrogates. not always staying on message. in battleground state north carolina, the vice president tried to assail the republican ticket but he did so in way that brought fire upon himself. >> how they can justify raising taxes on the middle class that's been buried the last four years. >> reporter: paul ryan pounced. >> vice president biden, just today, said that the middle class over the last four years has been quote buried. we agree. that means we need to stop digging by electing mitt romney as the next president of the united states. >> reporter: the vice president later said that the middle class pain was due to bush policiepol. the debate symbolizes a problem for the president. the economic collapse happened under bush, but four years later, families are still hurting. many in
Oct 18, 2012 6:30pm EDT
's david muir is here. david? >> reporter: ann romney on "the view" today. at one point, her husband was to come too, but in the end, he did not. >> he said that he was not sure he wanted to come on with us because we're high risk and sharp tongued. >> no, he said sharp and young. >> reporter: humor. and then a pointed question from barbara walters as both campaigns aggressively court women in these final 19 days. >> one of the things of your husband, when he was governor, he was pro-choice. and now is against abortion, except in the case of rape and incest and the life of the mother. i wonder what your views are? were you the same way when he was the governor? have you changed? i'm sure you've had discussions about this. >> you know, the good news is i'm not running for office and i don't have to say what i feel. but i am pro-life. i'm happy to say that. mitt has always been a pro-life person. he governed, when he ran, as a pro-choice. but when a decision came across his desk -- >> explain that to me. >> when a decision came across his desk to use embryos for experimentation, and th
Oct 4, 2012 5:30pm PDT
right, thank you, jake. and what about governor romney and his day? abc's david muir traveling with the governor in virginia. david? >> reporter: diane, great to see you from virginia. mitt romney expected to appear here just moments from now, and beside him, paul ryan, taking a break from his own debate prep to celebrate romney's debate last night. tonight, new questions about whether or not romney is trying to modify his message a bit with that much larger audience. starting onto a different denver stage today, mitt romney, his sons leading the applause, reveling in their father's debate performance. >> the american people last night were given a choice. >> reporter: just how did romney get ahead last night? by aggressively taking on the president, part of the romney strategy, going into the debate. moments like this one. as the two debated the debt, that bipartisan plan that got nowhere in washington. >> but in my view, the president should have grabbed it, if he wanted to make some adjustments to it, take it, go to congress, fight for it. >> that's what we've done. made som
Oct 26, 2012 5:30pm PDT
. and counting on them to show up and vote. abc's david muir tells us who. he's traveling with the governor in ohio tonight. david? >> reporter: hey, diane. great to see you. after the governor visited iowa today, he is back here in the buckeye state. he needs ohio to unlock the map on election night. and in that new abc news poll you speak of, a key group that might help him get there. mitt romney's closing argument in one of the battlegrounds he needs. >> i'm counting on iowa. >> reporter: today, romney delivering his economic message. a message our new poll shows is resonating the loudest among one key group -- white men. in fact, so much has been made of the powerful women's vote, but it is men who are driving mitt romney's numbers. romney leads the president with white men 66% to 32%, a 34-point lead. john mccain's lead among white men four years ago was half that. >> mitt romney may have a hard time relating to voters, but he is dialed into white men. they are very much attuned to what he is saying about the economy. >> reporter: in fact, in contrast to the president and that mtv town
Oct 19, 2012 5:30pm PDT
to the polls, it's your voice, your vote. and abc's david muir has a question and an answer for all of us. in this blizzard of polls, as of tonight, who would win this race? >> reporter: the president in virginia today, women filling the backdrop, and a new attack line, diagnosing his opponent. >> if you say you're for equal pay for equal work, but you keep refusing to say whether or not you'd sign a bill that protects people pay for equal work. you might have romnesia. >> reporter: the romney campaign shooting back, saying women haven't forgotten how they've suffered in the obama economy. and late today, mitt romney boarded a plane for florida, after hours in debate prep. but with new polls sending mixed signals, who is really winning this razor thin race right now? everyone at home keeping score, who is winning the race tonight? >> obama. >> reporter: and by how much is he winning? >> not by much. we think obama might be up by the equivalent of one point nationally and by about two points in the most important battleground states. >> reporter: in the political word, nate silver is known
Oct 25, 2012 5:30pm PDT
. >> ohio. >> ohio. >> ohio. >> ohio. >> david muir digs for the secret to an ohio voter's heart. >>> yellow alert. we have the video of school buses tearing down the road at 74 miles per hour. a bus speeding through stoplights. the crackdown tonight. >>> and "real money." the hidden treasure in the drawers at your house. something you're not even using. how to find nearly $800 tonight. >>> good evening. as we come on the air, a halloween hurricane is on a collision course with the east coast. hurricane sandy, threatening to blast millions of americans with rain, snow and wicked wind. it's an unprecedented superstorm in the offing, and it if happens, it could last for days. tomorrow, sandy is off the coast of florida. sunday, just off north carolina and then head on into new york on tuesday. our extreme weather team tracking it all tonight and abc's meteorologist ginger zee starts us off from miami, where they are already seeing signs of what's to come. ginger? >> reporter: diane, the winds have gusted to 50 plus miles per hour and that beast is still over 300 miles away from south florida.
Oct 1, 2012 5:30pm PDT
, your vote. and abc's jake tapper and abc's david muir are traveling with the candidates to tell us how you train for a debate night that could change everything. jake leads us off. jake? >> reporter: diane, top obama campaign officials have been poring over republican debate tapes, studying mitt romney. and according to one person familiar with the president's debate preparations, it has been exhausting work and the president is definitely out of practice, though, of course, the campaign has been trying to lower expectations. president obama has been practicing for wednesday's debate at the westin lake las vegas resort and spa, 17 miles from the las vegas strip. presidential debate veteran senator john kerry is participating in the mock debates, pretending to be a different patrician wealthy massachusetts pol, mitt romney. yesterday, in las vegas, the president tried to lower expectations. >> i know folks in the media are speculating already on who's going to have the best zingers. >> you are! >> governor romney, he's a good debater. i'm just okay. >> reporter: a new "washington post"/
Oct 10, 2012 4:00am PDT
eldest son, tagg, have mounted a new approach behind the scenes. abc's david muir is traveling with romney in ohio. >> reporter: a more personal, more emotional mitt romney on the campaign trail. >> so, i was happy to put my hand on his shoulder and thank him. express my love to him and asked god to bless him. and he -- >> reporter: speaking of an old classmate he saw at a campaign event, ailing in a wheelchair. >> i got a call that he died the next day after that visit. it's rare you get a chance to tell someone you love them. >> reporter: and stopping his motorcade as children waved on. it landed him right on the front page. reports by politico that this shift is driven by ann romney and his son, tagg, arguing inside the campaign, they should show more of the dad they know. the obama campaign tried to remind people of another character that came up in the debate. romney said the cuts he would make to bring down the deficit, pbs. >> criminals, glutens of greed. and the evil genius who towered over them? one man has the guts to speak his name. >> big bird. >> reporter: "sesame
Oct 31, 2012 6:30pm EDT
that people could get onto that truck. and so, abc's david muir decided to give us a kind of gallery of people who came through and all those who are saying thank you to them tonight. >> reporter: new mom julia, her husband duran and their new baby, micah, letting us know today, they're okay. >> hey, david. as you can see, we're doing great. really happy. >> reporter: and like so many people today, they wanted just one thing. to say thank you. to the quiet samaritans, the nurses, who simply were doing their jobs and became the real heroes of the hurricane. julia was in labor, having contractions inside that nshg hospital that went dark, lost power when the generators gave out. desperate for an epidural in the darkness, a husband held a cell phone light as nurses went to work. >> so, i was standing, one of those flip phones, and i was holding it above her while she was putting in the iv and making sure there was enough light for the doctors behind her. >> reporter: they were rushed out of the hospital, taken away in an ambulance. when they said they were headed to mt. sinai hospital, he said, h
Sep 30, 2012 6:00pm PDT
that come out. >> that is abc's david muir. summit said that the polls are too heavily skewed towards democrats. pollsters say that it is the site of a polling methods. >> peter prada and some of the evidence seems to be that romney -- the preponderance of evidence seems to be that romney is losing tra. the rasmussen poll does not wait democrats more heavily -- >> robopolling. >> we have an expert here in mark shields. >> we are in conservative wine country now. it is a miracle that ronald reagan won 49 states without fox news, rush limbaugh, sean hannity, drudge report, with the network's dominant and "the washington post" and "the new york times" ascended. mitt romney is being undone by some conspiracy out of a 7- eleven in falls church? [laughter] >> there was no other reagan. was unique and a political actor unlike any we have seen. putting mitt against him is unfair. he is not a great campaigner. i think he would be a great president, but he is not a great campaigner. evan is right. if the polls are 0.9% in one direction, there probably true. -- 90% in one direction, they are pro
Oct 1, 2012 2:05am EDT
wish was to simply have a christmas earlier than usual in an attempt to feel better. abc's david muir has the story. >> reporter: little 5-year-old nathan norman is getting the mail and lots of it. so much so his entire family right there helping him, mom, dad, sister there too. their mailbox already overflowing with christmas cards. >> nathan, racing into wish you a merry christmas. >> reporter: the holiday coming early for a buy who wanted it to. nathan has been fighting cancer since he was just a year old. his mom and dad and the phone calls that come at all hours of the day. >> it is never good when the doctor's office calls you after hours. >> reporter: what started as brain cancer spread, he had surgery, chemotherapy and he is fight it. his latest scan shows tumors have been stubborn. even at 5 knowing he is up against a fight. the one thing that would make him happy and get him through it would be to celebrate an early christmas. >> nathan asked when we got home if we would -- put up our christmas tree and our lights that he thought that would make him feel better. >> reporter:
Oct 15, 2012 2:05am EDT
. >> reporter: not alone because the the comedians are right there watching too. david muir, abc news, new york. >> jon stewart relentless. the president is going back to the "daily show" this thursday. should be good. >> thank you for watching this half-hour. don't forget to check us out on facebook. >> that's it. more from abc coming up next. >> announcer: this is abc's "world news now," informing >>> this morning on "world news now" -- it is down to the wire for presidential debate number two. >> as candidates preparing to face off again tomorrow night we will have a new look at the race. it's monday, october 15th. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." >>> "world news now." >> like the new creepy voice we have now. "world news now." >> new voiceover guy. >> we like it. sound really -- good morning, everybody. i don't know where i was going with that. good morning, everybody. rob nelson. >> just going to stop you right there before you got in trouble. >> felt myself against that. >> the latest with our new poll and debate preparations in a moment. also this half-hour, the dra
Oct 15, 2012 3:00am PDT
. it may be the skits that we remember in the end. abc's david muir takes a look. >> reporter: in an age of instant reaction on twitter, facebook, on "snl," what comedians do with the debate performance can be as lasting as the debate itself. >> congressman ryan, we begin with your opening statement. >> thank you. first of all. i want to thank center college for hosting us this evening. >> oh, boy, here we go. >> reporter: political historians point out americans used to watch these debates all by themselves with their own family, not with all that instant reaction. >> we had a lot fewer intermediaries interpreting what we were seeing. we saw it for ourselves, and next day we discussed it at the water cooler. "saturday night live" has become our water cooler. >> reporter: along with those snap judgments on twitter declared the winner long before the debate is over. >> this is a bunch of malarkey. all right. malarkey. >> a bunch of malarkey? what does that mean? >> it's irish. >> no. irish is i come over there and smack that dumb look off your face. >> reporter: as we know, a comedian's l
Oct 23, 2012 9:00pm PDT
the country. practically half dozen states for each of them in 48 hours time. story tonight from david muir. >> mad dash to the finish line. president and mitt romney with the final argument. >> i am fired up right now. >> start voting rate now. >> both candidate crisscross the country. president rally in florida this morning and playing in to ohio. tomorrow iowa. colorado. nevada. then sleeping on air force one anything back to florida thursday then virginia chicago to cast vote early then ohio all over again. mitt romney taking off from florida flying west to nevada tonight here this colorado tomorrow back to nevada, iowa and thursday ohio. president obama fueled by the final debate performance with blistering attack on what he calls romney shifting position. that condition he jokingly calls this. >> we joke about romney amnesia a. this is important. this is a. this is important. this is about trust. romp neetion a firing back the president. >> he has been reduced to try to defend character on sesame street and the word games at various times and then miss fired attack after on
Oct 26, 2012 9:00pm PDT
and paul ryan are campaigning. romney needs ohio to win. of david muir with the key group that might help him get there. >> room any closing argument. one of the battle ground he need. >> i'm counting on iowa. >>reporter: today romney delivered the economic message. message our new poll shows is resonating loudest among one key group. white men. in fact so much made of the powerful women vote but it's men who are driving mitt romney numbers. room any leads the president with white men 66-32 percent. up 34.lead. mccain lead among white men 4 years ago was half that. >> mitt romney may have a hard time relating to voters but he's dialed in to white men. very much atune to what he is saying about the economy. >>reporter: contrast to the president and mtv town hall his visit lake the one to the view romney sending his wife ann instead. own appearance meant to carefully court his base. dozen appearance this year alone popular conservative host shawn and canton ohio tonight supporters here hopeful they can overcome the president small but stubborn lead. >> one thing he says that resonates
Oct 21, 2012 8:00am EDT
watch this, george stephanopoulos is back with "this week" and david muir back with "world news" tonight. david muir on "world news." a >> live and in hd, this is abc news update. >> good morning. two georgetown university students were insulted by an found in their home yesterday morning. both students received minor injuries. off towardss ran campus. hundreds of early birds are the army 10-miler this morning. several roads in the area will be closed. washington boulevard and arlington into the district. the race finishes back here in arlington. >> good morning. here is a live shot of northern virginia. all of those leads are changing, perfectly clear sky. sunshine of the potomac, a beautiful morning. downtown, at 52 degrees. no problems whatsoever today. high-pressure directly overhead. is why there will be very w clouds out there. mildoday, sunny, breezy, a day. e mid-60's.s in th if you like that, tomorrow is even better. 72-75.tures tomorrow at by tuesday and wednesday, the upper 70's. almost like summer. >> sounds dead. thank you for watching. [ mitt romney ] we have to work on a c
Oct 8, 2012 5:30pm PDT
today taking aim at the president's foreign policy, and abc's david muir is here with that. david? >> diane, good evening. governor romney with harsh criticism for that foreign policy saying hope is not a strategy. tonight we hear romney's speech and we ask what are the real policy differences? mitt romney with harsh words for the president today offering his own view of a greater american role around the world. >> our friends and allies across the globe don't want less american leadership, they want more. >> reporter: perhaps the biggest distinction, on syria. romney arguing the u.s. should partner with other countries to help arm the rebels to defeat president bashar assad. >> and then ensure that they obtain the arms they need to defeat assad's tanks and helicopters and fighter jets. >> reporter: romney's aide saying romney is not suggesting the u.s. arm the rebels directly. president obama has opposed providing weapons to the rebels partly out of concern that those weapons could wind up in the hands of terrorists. on iran mitt romney earlier this year saying this. >> if we re-
Oct 11, 2012 5:30pm PDT
compelling stories to the stage. abc's david muir tells us about that. david? >> reporter: great to see you, diane, from kentucky tonight. let me show you how they're framing the debate. this poster is up all over the place. thrill in the ville. and as you point out, these two men will be sparring over very different policies tonight, but as we discovered today, they actually have quite a bit in common. their political paths both began when they were young. joe biden, 29, when elected to the senate. paul ryan, 28, when he went to congress. both catholic, both celebrate their roots of blue collar america. joe biden grew up in a tight-knit family, what he called the runt of the litter. played college football. and when his grades suffered, his father stepped in. >> you've got to be a college man, joey. and i asked, why is this so important? he never went to college. and he said, they can never take that from you. >> reporter: days before he was to be sworn in as that young senator, his wife and 18-month-old daughter were killed in a car accident. their two young boys, badly injured, survived.
Oct 22, 2012 3:00am PDT
was that last one? >> the candidates' wives. >> abc's david muir is on the case. >> reporter: jimmy kimmel conducted a simple experiment, and it caught our eye. >> we asked people what they thought about the first lady debate, between michelle obama and ann romney. now, as you probably know, there's no such thing as a first lady debate. >> reporter: kimmel's crew learned didn't stop people from answering. >> who do you think won the debate between ann romney and michelle obama last night? >> i have to say michelle obama. she really did a lot better. >> reporter: who do you think won the event last night between ann romney and michelle obama? >> definitely ann romney. i think she's a classy and wonderful lady. >> was there anything she said ? in the debate in particular? >> no. i like how she looks. >> who do you think won the debate last night between ann romney and michelle obama? >> michelle. >> why do you say that? >> because i love her. >> anything in particular she said that spoke to you? >> no. in general -- i just saw a little bit of it, to tell you honestly. i had something else go
Oct 24, 2012 2:35am EDT
, actually, separated by .07 of of a point. unbelievable. abc's david muir has more from the campaign trail. >> reporter: it is the mad dash to the finish line, the president and mitt romney with their final arguments. >> i am fired up right now. >> want you to start voting right now. >> reporter: both candidates crisscrossing the country. a president a rally in florida, flying to iowa, colorado, nevada. sleeping on "air force one" as it flies back to florida thursday. virginia, chicago to cast his vote early. then ohio all over again. mitt romney taking off, flying west to nevada, colorado, back to nevada, iowa, thursday, ohio. president obama fueled by the final debate performance with a blistering attack on what he calls romney's shifting positions, the condition he jokingly calls romnesia. >> we joke about romnesia. this is something important, this is about trust. you know, there is no more serious issue in a presidential campaign than trust. >> reporter: mitt romney in a race to the finish too. looking to build on the continued momentum from the first debate. firing back at the presid
Oct 25, 2012 2:35am EDT
a politician that he continues to endorse. more now from abc's david muir. >> reporter: they're the words that have caused a firestorm from a senate candidate who just days ago put up this ad -an endorsement from mitt romney. >> this fall i am supporting richard mourdock for senate. >> reporter: now the ad igniting a flash point -- when asked in a debate if he supported abortion in cases of rape he said this. >> i came to realize life is a gift from god, i think even when life begins in that horrible situation of rape that it is something that god intended to happen. >> reporter: for mitt romney it complicates his final push to appeal to more women voters. president obama leads among women. among the key group, romney is ahead by 20 points in our newest polls, increasing the number, a key to victory. in the final debate, a moderate tone that might appeal more to women. >> we want a peaceful planet. >> reporter: on the delicater to of abortion, shifting tone is more challenging. romney during the primaries -- >> do i believe the supreme court should overturn roe v. wade, yes i do. >> repor
Oct 31, 2012 2:35am EDT
, knew the generators were out of date and at risk before the storm hit. abc's david muir was at the hospital as the evacuation began. >> reporter: when we arrived all you could see was the outline of the hospital against a darkened sky. a lone flashlight in one of the hospital rooms there, as doctors and nurses rushed from patient to patient. out front, ambulances, images from my iphone as we approached the hospital. just one of the nearly 300 patients who were one by one, brought out and taken to safety. from the sky, ambulances lined up around the block from all over the city. and we are learning more about the moment the lights went out, the moment the critical machines, the respirators stopped. this young doctor right there. >> the patients on ventilators. >> the babies. >> babies, yeah. >> reporter: their first concern, babies in intensive care. 20 of them. this nurse clutching a newborn wrapped in a blanket holding one of the plastic bags. she was doing the work of the respirators herself in fact all the nurses in the unit were doing what's called "bagging the air."
Oct 9, 2012 5:30pm PDT
voice, your vote." abc's david muir with all the new polls out tonight. david? >> reporter: diane, good evening from the crucial battleground state of ohio tonight. some of the biggest crowds we've seen yet for mitt romney since his debate performance are lined up for several blocks and a new poll you spoke of right here in ohio showing the race tightening. the president still in the lead here, which is why we're noticing something different from governor romney. more personal stories, personal connections with people he's met along the way. a more personal, a more emotional mitt romney on the campaign trail. >> so i was happy to put my hand on his shoulder and thank him and express my love to him and ask god to bless him and he -- >> reporter: speaking of an old classmate he saw at a campaign event, ailing and in a wheelchair. >> i got a call from a friend that he died the next day after that visit. it's rare you get the chance to tell someone how much you love them. so i met with david. >> reporter: romney offering the story of the boy he counseled, losing his battle with leukemia. an
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 139 (some duplicates have been removed)